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I'm just an editor for fun have fun watching my edits! Manhwaeditsandrec is my Instagram account I mostly post edits of shounen ai / yaoi a.k.a. bl 🏳️‍🌈 Along with historical manhwas for they are just so beautiful 🌸 Anyways always remember to be respectful and understanding that not everyone will like our interest so rather than wasting our energy and time on their childish behaviour by picking a fight, it will be in favour of us that we don't encourage their actions. Sometimes backing down isn't a form of cowardice for it takes great self control for controlling oneself to do things that we wil probably regret later on Anyways I am grateful that you read until here If you want you can subscribe or maybe or not 😂🙆✨ Email :

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cr : @DAIgejuzizouba Twitter  #bledit #bl

cr : @DAIgejuzizouba Twitter #bledit #bl

Pho cha
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