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» » Иностранный язык в сфере юриспруденции (2019)

Тест "Иностранный язык в сфере юриспруденции (2019)"    

________ is the part of the legal profession having the right of audience in court.

A claim in ...is usually aimed at getting compensated for damage or loss.

A mortgage can be ...by real property.

A QC is a lawyer in the UK who may speak in the High Court. QC stands for_________.

All employees are ...paid sick and educational leave.

Being famous for something bad is being___________.

Both ...have to sing the contract.

Criminals, gangsters and mobsters are all __________.

Did you say he could borrow the car? Or did he just take it without your________.

I work as a ...

If you use a registered trademark without ... you may be sued for copyright 3 infringements.

If you were forced to resign from a job you can bring an action for....

If your business partner has …. a contract you can filea lawsuit.

In Great Britain, you are assumed to be innocent until shown by a court otherwise – the prosecution has to prove your__________.

In this case there are a number of ...that can be used to protect or compensate the injured party.

It looked like my signature on the cheque but it was not – someone had_______ it.

Often charges are brought against companies for ...or tax evasion, which may result in prosecution of company executives.

One of the basic human rights is a right ...freedom of expression.

She was the main _______ of the rich man’s will and received most of the estate.

Signing someone else’s name is a _________ act.

Some actions that may affect competition on the market are.....as per se 2 violations, which means you don’t even have to prove their negative effect, the action itself is illegal.

Some types of businesses may qualify ...a tax exemption.

The authorities found that she had given them a _______ name and address.

The drug dealers ________ their money from one bank account to another in an attempt to conceal where it had come from.

The Lord Chancellor is responsible for the appointment of _______ in the UK.

The most powerful criminals are sometimes known as the _________ of organised crime.

The ownership of a company is determined by... .

The penalties for causing environmental_______ are considered by some to be too lenient.

The robber tried to terrify the shopkeeper by threatening him with a _______ gun.

The scientist was able to betray secrets to another country and so committed________.

There are more and more lawsuits for clinical ...now as people realize their rights to claim damages.

This lease agreement allows us as ... … to transfer interest in the property to a third party.

This provision ...the law in this jurisdiction.

Thorough due ...should be conducted before any purchase of real estate.

Unfortunately, this contract is not ...and is therefore unenforceable.

We will need legal advice to help us ...this dispute.

When she lost her credit card, the first thing she did was to call the bank and _______ it.

When you are legally responsible for something, you are said to be________.

Working in the accounts department gave her a wonderful opportunity to________ the company of thousands of pounds.

Wrongs done against people or property in civil law are called________.

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