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» » Перевод в сфере профессиональных коммуникаций

Тест "Перевод в сфере профессиональных коммуникаций"    

… the floppy disk into the disk drive.

A computer can perform mathematical … very quickly.

A computer must be able to … with the user.

A programmer can operate a computer … he has the proper training.

A programmer must … the computer with the necessary data and instructions to execute the problem.

bad command or file name

Cannot recover nonremovable drive X.

Convert directory to file (y/n)?

CRT (cathode ray tub terminals are useful … devices that allow real-time processing.

Current keyboard does not support this code page.

Drive letter must be specified.

Fibre optics is a new development in the field of …

File contains non-contiguous blocks.

file creation error

I could tell from all the … on the board that a maths lesson was in progress.

incorrect number of parameters

insufficient disk space

Insufficient memory for system transfer.

invalid drive specification

It is a personal communicator that enables you to … with people around the world.

It is important for students to … with each other and exchange ideas.

Keyboard is an … device.

keyboard system

Many … with computers do not require a permanent record, therefore a printed output is unnecessary.

no room for system on destination disk

No space left on device.

One of the first persons to note that the computer is malfunctioning is the computer ….

Printer is an … device.

read error in the file “x”

Requested partition size exceeds the maximum available space.

Some people working in computer installations aren’t very … because they are shy.

Source diskette does not contain backup files.

Target disk cannot be used for back-up.

Target diskette may be unusable.

The … of a new and larger computer installation will result in a better service to customers.

The … of the manufacturing division will be expensive in the short term, but cost-effective in the long term.

The job of a computer operator is to … the various machines in a computer installation.

The new machines in the computer installation are not yet … .

The results are known as ….

We should be able to … our profit for next year fairly accurately with the new program.

Write not completed.

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